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A team of professionals and experts in various fields from IntraCom has contributed to the success & completion of data center project by considering the following:

    1. High Availability

Data center requires high availability to run the business. But not all data centers can meet the availability criteria.

According to ANSI/TIA-942 standards, data center can be classified to four tiers.

                                  Table 1-1: Availability Tiers

Availability Tiers Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
Redundant Components N N+1 N+1 2 N+1
Annual IT Downtime Due to Site 28.8 hrs 22.0 hrs 1.6 hrs 0.8 hrs
Site Availability 99.67% 99.75% 99.98 99.99%

          2. Security

Because of critical business, data center is important. Physical and Logical Security needs to be incorporated in the design.

          3. Flexible Expansion

Data center should be flexibly expanded and scalable with business grows at the cloud computing era.

          4. Greener

Saving energy, is not only to get greener, new data center should be more efficient, less operating expense.

          5. Intelligent Management

Data center is an integrated project with all kinds of subsystems. Modular design allows the customer to create highly complex systems from smaller, more manageable building blocks. These smaller units are more easily defined and can be more easily managed.

A. Supply of equipment and services to build the infrastructure required for Data Centre including but not limited to the following:-

1. Civil work and room decoration equipment and activities.

2. Power Distribution facilities, Electric Cabling, grounding and Pathways for same.

3. UPS supply and PDU and rack power strip and automatic transfer switches.

4. Intelligent server racks and Cabling cabinets.

5. Cooling units and accessories.

6. Network Cable Trays.

7. Fire detection, alarm and suppression system.

8. Room fireproofing, Fire rated Doors and Door returners.

9. Cabling, Cable entry and Cable Management Systems

10. IP-Based Video Surveillance, recording and storage System.

11. Physical Access Control System.

12. Supply and installation of Racks.

13. Lightning System.

14. Sensors for Temperatures, Humidity, water leak, door, rodent repellent system and environment management systems.

15. Generator supply and installation.

16. Generator house building.

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